Sunday, August 30, 2009

General Hard Drive Clean Up

  1. Delete everything you can in you TEMP folders.
  2. Delete all files in your Internet Cache.
  3. Delete everything in your Recently Used Files List.
  4. Delete any Memory.dmp, User.dmp, and Mini.dmp files.
  5. Delete any *.chk files left over from any Check Disk operation.
  6. Delete all Thumbs.db files on your hard drives.
  7. Empty your Recycle Bin

Disk Cleanup

Right-mouse click on your hard drive and select Properties..... Disk Cleanup.... This will allow you to delete any unnecessary files that the OS finds. You should run this utility at least one a month.

Archive Old Files

If you have any files that you have not used in a long time consider storing these on and external hard drive. This will free use space on your hard drive that you could utilitze later.

Defragment your Hard Drive periodically after cleaning up files from above.